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    Multiple dimension problem with line display on combined chart


      im new to this community as im recently working on QV an this is the biggest problem i have.


      I created a combined chart with multiple expresions stacked by group (A,B,C,D) and 4 line expresion across the chart, each line represents a specific value for every group. The main problem is the display of those lines, due to multiple dimensions on X Axis (year and enterprise). Lets say i want to see the result for every line on every enterprise per year, and enterprise are grouped by A,B,C,D departments on stacked bars.

      Results should be splited as 1 point for every enterprise per year in an full horizontal line chart. But i have a chart with a vertical line for every enterprise where the points are the value in every year, or viceversa depending on my primary dimension.


      Any idea how to resolve this?
      Thanks in advance for any suggestion.