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    Adding file name to qlikview

      I have a folder that has many log files each is 4KB, the only place that has a date it in the log file name. I would like to add this as a column inqlikview.

      I am able to get all the files to load by using the following script.


      Load @1 as Memo




      The log files are all named "LOG-2012-01-30-122123" I would like to include the "LOG-201201-30"

      as a column in my QlikView File or the Date Modified from the log file







        • Re: Adding file name to qlikview
          Stefan Wühl

          For the modification timestamp, just use




          filetime() as ModTimeStamp,




          Or use filename() and extract the Date, maybe using subfield() function.


          Hope this helps,





          if you don't want a timestamp but a date of your modification, use


          daystart(filetime()) as ModDate,