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    how to create a vision of market share in rows


      i need a help to create a classification of QlikView in participation by rows of columns totaling


      for example:


      i have this table:


      A BCTotal
      linha 110304080
      linha 215251050
      linha 3523542


      i need to create the following table


      linha 113%38%50%100%
      linha 230%50%20%100%
      linha 312%5%83%100%


      anyone know how to do this?



        • Re: how to create a vision of market share in rows
          Stefan Wühl

          It slightly depends on your data and how you designed your chart object.


          In attached sample, I used a pivot table with two dimensions that span linha 1 to linha 3 and A,B,C.


          Then I used one expression:

          =sum(Value) / sum(total<F1> Value)


          where F1 is  the field containing linhas 1 to linhas 3. You need to use total to get the market share, please look into the Manual for the total qualifier with aggregation functions.


          Hope this helps,