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    Make Back button work as expected

    m w

      I scroll down through the posts...reading and then clicking the Back button to return to the list.

      I get to the bottom of the list and click More.

      If I read a post and click Back, I am taken back to the beginning of the list of posts instead of to my previous position.

      If I haven't been in the forums for a few days and am catching up, this is a pain.


      Any way to fix this?

        • Make Back button work as expected
          Stefan Wühl

          If I dive into the forums, going back to older postings and then use navigation on the site or use the browser back button, it works as expected - I return to the list of postings where I opened the tread.


          I use Firefox 6.0, this may be browser dependent. I noticed that in the URL


          the tstart / start URL parameter seems to store your position (4th page of 30 postings each, for this example).


          Hope this helps somehow,


          • Make Back button work as expected
            Erich Shiino


            I got the same behavior on Opera 11.11

            But if you browse the discussions using the discussions page as mentioned by swuehl you will be able to go back to the page you were. The problem is that you need to browse ideas, qvws and blogs in separeted pages...