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    Feature Request link?

    Joseph Feyas

      I just read some QV support documents that stated the existance a "submit feature request" link available in the QlikCommunity...but for the life of me I cannot find such a beast?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        • Feature Request link?

          We will shortly be rolling out Ideas, a new way to request features on the QlikCommunity that allows all QlikCommunity members the ability to submit and vote on feature requests and suggestions for QlikView.  See John Trigg's latest blog post for more info: Idea Transition

            • Feature Request link?
              Joseph Feyas


              • Re: Feature Request link?

                Apparently there is no wa for me to post an idea, you click on add idea but you are not allowed to add one - this is not the support I expect as I evaluate your product. Bad enough basic features like legnds on block charts are not available but i can't even suggest it

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                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                    Please try again, as Ideas is open to any registered user and you should be able to post them. Some Ideas may go to a moderation queue, and it may take some time to get them approved. If the error you are getting is "Unauthorized", let me know I can get reach you by email so we can check what's wrong with your account and fix it.





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                      Sara Leslie

                      Thanks for your feedback mee1d3hs,


                      I see you were able to submit an idea and that other members have been voting on it. Thank you Miguel for your assistance on this.


                      QlikCommunity is public and viewable to anyone but sometimes your logged in status is not so evident. Just a note that you can always look at the upper left hand corner of your screen.


                           If you are NOT logged in it will say Hello, [Guest] and you will see login/Register just after.


                           If you are logged in it will say Hello, [Name] and you will see the option to log out just after.


                      Sorry for the confusion and we value your feedback and contributions to QlikCommunity.

                      Have a great day!