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    QlikSense: Search in a table already loaded, if there is renewal of an Order

    Javier Power

      Good afternoon.


      I have a table that contains the history of Orders sold of different products. These Orders have an expiration date, after which, the Product must be renewed.


      How can I get information on whether the Product was Renewed, after the Expiration date?




      The fields that I have are:


      IdOrden: it is a unique value, it is not repeated


      Order Processing Date


      Expiration Date of the Order


      Unique Identifier of the Product (IUP): this field is repeated in the different registers of the same product (in the original order and in the successive renewals)




      Is there a function within the board that handles the tables created in the load, that allow me to do this?




      I appreciate the help you can give me.