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    Ignore date selection from calendar but not other filters

    Ekaterina Ponkratova

      And it's me again.


      I use the calendar range extension where I use Date(Floor(Date(TimeStamp,'MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss.ffff')),'DD/MM/YYYY') as a Dimension. In addition, I added two more filters on the page (VISIT_VSL_NAME_AN and STOW_ACTIVITY_CODE).


      In the graph, I want to compare the current year Export volume vs the last year. If no filter selection (VISIT_VSL_NAME_AN  or STOW_ACTIVITY_CODE) is made, the graph will show the overall trend. If the selection is made, the graph will show the trend for that selection.

      I tried for this year line:

      sum({1<[TimeStamp.Calendar.Year] = {"$(=Max({1}[TimeStamp.Calendar.year]))"}, SHIPPING_STATUS_CODE={'EX'}>} TEU). If a person selects this month, he will see the YTD trend line; last month - YTD trend line. It works fine when I apply other filters but then, when I make a calendar selection, it shows that month/date value, instead of showing the YTD trend line.

      Another option I tried after reading the forum,

      sum({1<[TimeStamp.Calendar.Year] = {"$(=Max({1}[TimeStamp.Calendar.year]))"}, SHIPPING_STATUS_CODE = {'EX', 'EXPRT'},



      I also thought of using TimeStamp=, TimeStamp.Calendar.Date= but I am not sure how to add the condition about the max year.


      I suspect it's something basic here.


      Many thanks,