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    How to calculate amount last month end - 1

    Eva de Vin

      Dear all


      I am hoping that someone on this forum can help me with this calculation.

      Let's assume my data looks like:

      Request Month, Amount

      Jan, 100

      Feb, 50


      Sep, 300

      Oct, 150


      The total Amount until end of Oct = 600.

      Now, I want to add a calculation to get the "Amount until end of Sep" = 450.

      => to display the last month end I used: Month (MonthEnd (AddMonths (Today(),-1))) which results in Oct.

      =>  then, I try to create a measure that sums the Amount until Month (MonthEnd (AddMonths (Today(),-2))) but didn't succeed.

      Anyone who can help me with the correct syntax?

      Many thanks in advance!