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    How to display only one record from a field in a table

    Carlos Chavarria



      I have a metric that is compused by two unique options, and both of them are related but show different KPIs, one is the time from order receipt to factory Ship (cycle time 1) and the second one from Factory ship to the actual customer (cycle time 2). The information is in the same data base, however it may be a little confusing as the table has information on the cycle time 1 that is shared in the Cycle time 2.


      I need to know if it is possible to get a set expression or something else that tells the table to display only cycle time 1 so that I can duplicate this table and use a second one to show only cycle time 2 using the same logic, this way I would be able to separate both and prevent people from getting confused.


      To show an example:

      The table looks something like this, and both cycle times are merged, LT1 and LT2 belongs to cycle time1 and L3 is to be used only with Cycle time 2.

      I want to get two tables in the same "Sheet" one that shows info only in Cycle time 1 and another one that shows Cycle time 2 without adding filtering as filters work for both of them.


      WeekRegionCycle timeLead time 1Lead time 2Lead time 3