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    Combine lines with same identifier

    Alexandre Nogard



      I attached you a SQL table I've. I collect the data from a tool used in Factory.

      I've an issue, I explain it :

      As you can see, I've some Reception Numbers equals, with a Net Weight Plant equals, and differents Net Weight Palette.


      The tool create a line / Palette, and calculate a Net Weight Plant with the SUM of Net Weight Palette and apply a formula. Some time the Net Weight plant is different from the SUM of Net Weight Palette.


      I would like to :

      - Aggregate the lines with same reception number

      - Keep the Net Weight Plant value

      - apply a COUNT on the Net Weight Palette


      (in order to obtain a Palette AVG)

      qlik issue.PNG


      I dont know If I've to do it in the SQL request ? Or if it can be done in a set analysis ?

      And I've no idea how to do it


      Thanks for your help