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    Auto reply problem / annoyance

    Stefan Wühl

      Hi all,


      I think we have a little problem with auto replies (e.g. vacation responder) within the community threads,

      I noticed that with one of the threads I answered to (http://community.qlik.com/thread/31714).


      Auto responder answers not only once but in endless loop if e.g. two members set auto responders active.


      I think the problem is that (besides members forgetting to put qlik.com on auto responder blacklist, if possible), that the email adress from which the notification about new posts seems to come from changes on every notification (probably to link the emailed answer to a specific note). That is preventing the common auto responder agents from detecting that they have already sent a vacation notice to the sender.


      If I am not on vacation myself, I am a bit annoyed by this behaviour and started to deactivate the notification from some threads, which is not want I really want.


      Is there maybe any other possibility to filter auto responded emails by the system?





      P.S: I tried to search for this problem and haven't found any prior discussions, maybe I am the only one with that problem...

      If I haven't found existing threads, please just link them here, I don't wann start repeating discussions.