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    Machine Name instead of Local User Group under User Directory in QMC

    rohit kumar

      Hi Techies,


      I have two consumer nodes ConsumerNode1 and ConsumerNode2 and I have network load balancer which directs to these consumer nodes by round robin algorithm. Now I want to add one local user i.e. JARVIS so I added it on both consumer nodes locally with same name and password and created a group i.e. GROUP1.


      so when I load the URL https;//analytics/hub(path to NLB) so I found that in QMC there is a user ConsumerNode1\JARVIS.


      I was expecting it should be GROUP1\JARVIS


      So eventually there will be two different user ConsumerNode1\JARVIS and ConsumerNode2\JARVIS and I have to assign two tokens to one user.

      Can you please help me how to make local group with user name not machine name in user directory ?