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    No Active User and QVS.exe still gobbling up RAM

    Phil Rees



      We have a very hefty server with over 600GB Ram.


      At the moment QVS.exe is using over 70% of this RAM and there are currently no active users ....  Can anyone help as to why this may be happining


      I have installed and run Governance Dashboard and although it is showing high RAM usage on a daily basis it doesn't give any insights as to what is causing this issue?


      We have two quite large and complex applications :


      1st:  1.8GB in size, over 120m rows and 35 tables

      2nd: 4GB in size, over 200m rows and 40 tables


      Any help appreciated,




      EDIT : I have checked QVS Statistics and it is showing a number of open documents but no active users... Could these 'Open Documemts' be causing the RAM uptake?