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    Customers indicators

    Kuba M


      I think I've come to the point where I can not handle myself. I neet to calculate a couple of indicators related to clients. Let us assume that the structure is like in the annex (example_cust).

      For each indicator I would like to receive a minimum such a graph as in the annex (draft).


      Difficulty of the task seen with my eyes:

      1) Historical data - not only for the current period, but also backwards,

      2) For each indicator, in addition to the number - it must be possible to see what clients were included.


      Necessary indicators - all per month:

      1) New customers - his first purchase was in a given month - never before.

      2) Lost customers - these are those who have not bought in the last 3 months.

      3) Restored customers - these are those who bought this month, and previously did not buy for 3 months.

      4) "Regulars" - they buy at least once a month in the last year.

      5) "Down-at-heel" -  they bought the last 3 months, but they have not bought this month.


      Additional indicators:

      1) How many times the customer was lost?

      2) How many times the customer was restored?


      Thanks for help!