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    Version control in Qlik Sense?

    Ekaterina Ponkratova

      Hi guys,


      I was wondering how you do the version control in Qlik Sense? Especially I am interested about formulas. At the moment a typical formula field in my app looks like below. For example, if I try some adjustments to the formula, I comment out the previous version and add the modified version, and if I am not satisfied with the results, I revert back to my original formula. But I was wondering what are the best practices to (1) do version control of your apps and (2) of your formulas.




      //sum(aggr((FirstSortedValue (distinct TimeStamp,-TimeStamp) - FirstSortedValue (distinct TimeStamp,TimeStamp))*24, vessel_crane)))


      if(not isNull(Only({<[CRANE]-={"=len(trim([CRANE]))=0"}>}CRANE)),



      sum(aggr((FirstSortedValue (distinct TimeStamp,-TimeStamp) - FirstSortedValue (distinct TimeStamp,TimeStamp))*24, vessel_crane))))