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    help on below expression?

    daisy ch

      Hi All,


      I have table with fields ID and date and region and risks.


      Some Id s not available in previous date and some id are available in current date.


      using above date field divided into previous date and current date .


      I have inline table


      load * inline


      newly links risks

      de-linked risks


      1)when user select newly linked risks(get field selection(risks=newly links risks)and  previous date and current date count the Id what are the id not available in previous date and available in current date

      2)same way user select previous date and current date what are the Id s available  in previous date and not available in current date than count the ids.(de linked risks)



      I am writing the below expression.

      if(GetFieldSelections([Risks]) = ' Newly linked to Risks',

      count(distinct{<[Date as at] = Date_as_at_Current,

      ID = e({$<[Date as at] = Date_as_at_previous>}Id)>} ID))



      I am not get exact value. Please tell me how to do this requirement.  


      Ex:we have 4 months dates jan to apr.

      if user select  previous date 10-feb-18  and  current date 23-apr-18 than count the id s.

      compare only 10 feb and 23 apr .not in between dates.if user not select any dates showing the entire Id s.