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    Regarding chart function in Qlik Sense

    Kiruthigadevi Subramaniam

      Hi Friends,


      Appreciate your time. I am converting one QlikView report to Sense.

      Basically in QlikView, I have the below following behavior on my report.



      In QlikView, I have a straight table  with 2 expressions  for every business hierarchy dimension , when I select any business hierarchy above department  any where in the report, I will have to show one expression and when I select any business hierarchy below department I have to show another expression. it is straight forward in QlikView as I am using the expression as conditional upon the corresponding selection. Is there anything like that in QlikSense?


      So basically, let's say I have A,B,C,D, E as by business hierarchy.


      upon business hierarchy as dimension in my straight table , when I select A or B or C from a list box or some other charts  it should show one expression and when I select D or E it should show another expression in  the same chart.


      Could anyone kindly let me know.


      Thank you,