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    Map - incorrectly rendering points by US state code

    Jaydeep Paeikh

      I am using QlikSense Desktop to render sales total by US State Code on the Map Chart using Point Layer.

      Issue I am seeing is, many of the points are not shown on other parts of the world (instead of US).


      Not sure why would point for some of states be shown outside of US.

      Has anyone seen this issue?


      Could it be because the kml file is for 500k but the qliksense map shows unit of measurement as 5000km?

      If yes, is there any way to sync up the two?


      Data I have-


      1. A spreadsheet that contains order qty, order total, order date, US state code.

      2. KML file that originally contained US State Name, which I edited and changed to US State Code.


      Data Load script-




          [cb_2017_us_statecode_500k.xml.Name] as [STATE],




      FROM [lib://OM_Sales_Geo/cb_2017_us_statecode_500k.xml]

      (kml, Table is [cb_2017_us_state_500k/cb_2017_us_state_500k]);





          Date(Date#([ORDERDATE], 'YYYYMMDD') ) AS [ORDERDATE],




      FROM [lib://OM_Sales_Geo/OM_SALES_WITH_STATE_CODE.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


      Map Setup:


      Layers: Point Layer

      Dimension: STATE

      Size & Shape: Sum(TOTAL)


      Map output-