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    QlikSense LIB Connect error with SQLTables Function for Excel sheets

    Alex Tomlins

      Hi All,


      I recently asked a question about concatenating multiple sheets in the same Excel spreadsheet. There is no sequential/logical filename and i have been provided with a few ways to do it using SQLTables to get a list of sheet names and then a for next loop to put it together.


      BUT, my problem is not the solution to my excel issues,  it is the ODBC Connection. I'm getting the error;


      The following error occurred:

      CONNECTs other than LIB CONNECT are not available in this script mode.


      We are using QlikSense Enterprise and the speadsheet is on our enterprise server. I don't know much about connections and don't know much about SQLTables as a function.


      The question is, what do i need to do to resolve this error and create an ODBC connection to the excel sheet. Maybe i'm not making sense as this is new to me but any help would be greatful. Thanks Qliktopians