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    Using a variable in Set Analysis

    Michael Humphreys

      I am using Qlik Sense - June 2018 Version.

      I am trying to retrieve the values from a set period of time (in this case quarters).  I am able to do this using this formula:

      sum( {$<MonthNum = {'>0<4'}>} [QTY Shipped LB] )

      which works quite well.  However I want to get creative and have been using variables on a straight table so that they mimic the "alternative measures" found in graphing.  I am able to pick a unit of measure (Lbs, $, Margin) from a variable extension I have simply by clicking on a button.

      My problem is I have a variable called "vMeasure", but no matter how I either change the Set Analysis or try and use it in other formulas nothing appears to work.

      Any help you can give would be appreciated.  Or a point in the right direction.  I have searched all over but could never find what I need.