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    Ignore filter selection in a graph where set analysis is used

    Ekaterina Ponkratova

      Good day,


      I have been wrapping head around the set analysis and there is one case I cannot get.


      I have a line graph with two lines for this year and previous year. This year is calculated as:


      (count({1<[TimeStamp.AutoCalendar.Year] = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>}CNTR_vessel)


      /sum({1<[TimeStamp.AutoCalendar.Year] = {"$(=Max(Year))"}>}aggr(((TimeStamp - VSL_BERTH_D)*24), Vessel_visit_vessel)))


      I also have a calendar extension on the page. Unfortunately, the formula above doesn't work as expected - have a static graph which doesn't change on the selection and does not get re-calculated every time a user selects a date in the calendar.


      Honestly, I have no clue why the graph is still responsive to the filter as I added '1' to the formula to ignore the selection. Interestingly, though, that both a nominator and denominator, when added separately, are not responsive to the calendar. I think I read all existing threads on ignoring the filter in the graph but nothing worked. I will be grateful if you could direct me, please.