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    Default Selection Plugin

    Andrea Trinity

      Hi All, I am new to Qlik Sense and I've been reading the posts on showing a default filter, however thus far it has not worked for me. My Scenario is one where by when the user lands on a particular sheet, that sheet will be filtered. This sheet will be filtered by Today() date. The field that I am currently using was a date field, however it has been modified in the following manner: Date(Floor((ModifyDateTime))) AS MODIFYDATETIME.


      qlik sense 1.png qlik sense 2.png


      Some of the following Field Value that I have tried on the date field are:





      '10/20/2018'          *This a random date that has a record in my table









      I know the extension is working for other type of fields (e.g. text).



      The end outcome that I would like to achieve is the following:

      qlik sense 3.png

      A simple filter on this sheet by today (i understand there is another parameter now, but I only need for Today()) so that the users can cancel out this filter when they need to.


      Please guide me on this thank you.