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    REST Connector Authentication Cookie not accepted

    Simon Stepper

      Dear Qlik-Community,


      I'm trying to connect to SAP Business One by Service Layer, which provides an REST API.

      A Login is required first and provides a cookie, that needs to be sent within the header of every following GET request.

      The login works fine with an REST Connector POST query and retrieves the required cookie.


      Testing my expressions in POSTMAN, everything works fine and the cookie is automatically handled by POSTMAN.

      Trying to insert the cookie as a query header for a GET request to retrieve data results in an error:

           Connection failed: HTTP protocol error 401 (Unauthorized):

           Requested resource requires authentication


      If I'm trying to use any of the provided authentication methods of the REST Connector, the same error arrives, probably because a POST request is needed for the login.


      I also tried the method described in another forum post: REST CONNECTOR  locate the Authorization token

      Where the a variable is set as the cookie value and then included via WITH CONNECTION, but this results in the same error


      Can anyone share any insights how Qlik and/or SAP B1 handle the headers and cookies?


      Best regards and thanks in advance