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    Problem with Current Selections bar: Selections in scatter plot / drill-down dimension are not displayed.

    Rujena Kocheva



      I am experiencing a problem with the "Current Selections" bar. On one sheet in my applications I have added a bar chart with drill-down dimension. There, when I make a selection, it appears in the "Current Selections" bar, and I can "drill up" by clearing the relevant "current selections" box. However on another sheet, this does not work. When I select a bar, it performs the drill-down, but shows nothing in the "Current Selections" bar.


      The same occurs with selections in scatter charts - for some charts a selection results in nothing in "Current selections", which makes it a pain to deselect the value and return to the original state of the dashboard.


      Has anyone experienced something like this? Is it  bug or am I doing something wrong?


      I noticed that this problem only occurs from time to time.