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    Calculations of 2 collums

    Dries Clairhout

      Dear users,


      I have to calculate the difference between 2 values in a pivot table.

      I am fairly new to qlik and could use some advice.



      "Ontvangen ST" should be subtracted by "Afgifte ST" the result shoul be in Voorraad ST.

      Ontvangen ST:

      = sum({<DatumType={'Inkoop datum'},POrderDate={">=$(=date($(vStartDate)))<=$(=date($(vEndDate)))"},Jaar=,Week=,Maand=>}ReceivedQty)


      Afgifte ST:

      sum({<DatumType={'InvHist datum'},POrderDate={">=$(=date($(vStartDate)))<=$(=date($(vEndDate)))"},Jaar=,Week=,Maand=>} Qty_Afgifte)


      Can someone help me?

      "Ontvangen ST" is the recieved Qty

      "Afgifte ST" is the exported Qty

      "Voorraad KG" is supply qty (so it should be Recieved Qty - Exported Qty)


      I looked at every previous discussion and nothing works.

      Please help.


      Thank you!