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    Refer to field number in  chart expression

    patrice salem



      Instead of using a field name as a reference to make a calculation, Q1 in this example :

      if (vCurrentQuarter='2',sum({<[Family_Efficy_Product]={'10'},[Year]={$(vReferenceYear)}>}Q1),

      is there a way to use a reference to a table name calling a field number as we would do in access : [target].field(5)

      Q1 is a field name of the Target table.


      if not is there a way to replace the 1 value by a variable ?

      I have tried

      if (vCurrentQuarter='2',sum({<[Family_Efficy_Product]={'10'},[Year]={$(vReferenceYear)}>}Q&$(vCurrentQuarter-1))

      with absolutely no result ! ...but good try !

      thanks for your help