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    Indexed line chart in Qlik Sense

    Praveen kumar ch

      Hi All,


      I am trying to create an indexed line chart in Qlik sense. I followed the similar method given in the below Qlikview post

      The Indexed Time Series Chart – The Forgotten Technique (At Least by Most Qlikview Developers) | QVDesign


      My attributes for the line chart are:


      X-Axis = Month

      Y-Axis = Products


      Here, I am trying to compare the sales growth of three products launched in three different years.


      To show the same base (starting point) of 0 across all the products for Indexation, I need to depict the x-axis in the below method, but I am unable to do so.

      M1 = launch month (e.g., Jan 2016 for Product 1, March 2017 for Product 2 etc.)

      M2 = M1 + 1 month

      M3 = M2 + 1 month



      Mn  = latest month


      My current graph (attach - Qlikquery) shows all the time periods starting from the launch of the product 1 (the second product launched at a later date). I am looking for some kind of graph like given in the attachment (Index chart) where all products starts at 0 (launch month) It would be great if some one can help me