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    Why shouldn't I just Join everything?

    Alex Tomlins

      Hi Guys,


      I am still learning Qlik and I understand about associations but i wondered why we choose to use associations over joins. I was having issues with circular references between a fact table and a reference table and so I just joined the reference table to the fact table.


      My guess is computational power as the join is made upon the selection as opposed to going through every column/row in a wide table. I suppose also if there are one to many relationships or multiple fact tables?


      Everything is working fine but i wondered what is best practice here and are there any documents available about Qlik data models and the shape/reasons why choose to do joins/lookups/applymaps/Keeps etc.


      So back to my initial questions - why shouldn't i just create a wide table and if not when and why do i choose to use linked associations instead.


      Thanks Qlikers