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    problem with join

    daisy ch


      I have tow tales T1 and T2.

      fields Risk_ID      L1_ID     date    Satus





      Risk_ID & L1_ID& date   as key,

      Risk_ID ,





      outer join(T1)


      Risk_ID & L1_ID& date   as key,

      //Risk_ID ,

      // L1_ID,




      The above table I am not comment the Status field because in first table status is open and t2 table status is closed.


      problem is using  key between two tables L1_ID and Date data not merge.if un comment the L1_ID and Date in table t2 the values come up.but it showing more values. How to resolve this.

        • Re: problem with join
          Mark Little



          Probably going to need some more information to help on this one, some example data would be helpful.

          What happens when trying to join them i.e. the resulting table?


          From the information i would guess that the Data in the Key in in table 1 and 2 is different so they are not joining. The must match exactly, case as well.


          Also notice in you script you use date in the key and the field below is Date, the must both be Date as it is case sensitive.