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    Hide measure legend combined with qsVarialble

    patrice salem



      I'm using QS Variable to let users choose wheather they want to display quarter, semester sales, targeted sales...


      Everything works great using the Pick function in the measure Expression and a if fucntion for displaying or not the label:


      Example for the Target 2018 measure


      Expression :

      pick (vAffichageTarget,

      Sum([2018 Target]),0




      = if ($(vAffichageTarget)>0,'Target '& year(now()),null())


      If I click on "Without Target 2018", the target 2018 bar disappears and the label shows the colour and "-" next to it.



      I would like the legend to disappear (I have unchecked "show null values" from the add-ons options) AND I would also like to remove the empty space previously taken by the Target 2018 bar (to make the chart less wider).


      Any idea ?