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    Ignore Filters for one of the tables ?

    Amit Kaul



      I have these two tables set of same data


      A  (Current Filter, Status = Unmarried

      Adam123 Abc St01-01-1990MUnmarried
      Brian456 Def St01-01-1991MUnmarried
      Copper789 Ghi St01-01-1992FUnmarried



      Copper789 Ghi St01-01-1992FUnmarried


      So, When filter selected on Gender, currently both the tables are showing filtered values (like here in table B) but I only want this additional filter on gender to be only applied to table B,ie. Status = Unmarried + Gender = F

      while table A continue to show All the records, based on the other original filter on Status = Unmarried

      How can i achieve this ?