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    Calculating Cumulative Percentage of Total by Column (Pivot Table)

    Elin Tham

      Dear Qlik Sense Experts,


      steve1982 and I are trying to figure out how to calculate a cumulative percentage of the Total by Column in a Pivot Table in Qlik Sense.


      We have a pivot table in Qlik Sense that shows the cumulative count of flags by week for the dimension. We would like to calculate the % of each flag that compares the cumulative count of flags by week over the total cumulative count of all flags of that week.


      We're using a unique key = ID to calculate the cumulative count of flags (Flag) by week with certain criteria filters. Expression as below:




      The below is roughly what we're trying to achieve. The cumulative count of each flag should be divided by the Total by Column as of each week but we're having a hard time trying to come up with an expression that does that.


      ZZ-DO NOT USE1751.39%3241.35%
      ZZ-VALIDATED AEC12,33197.9%23,43097.93%



      Thank you.