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    How to get the LTM (Last 12 months) rolling calculation



      I am new to Qlik Sense. I need help regarding PRODUCT calculation in qliksense. My requirement is to get the Cumulative returns for the last 12 months for a particular selected entity.  

      As per the excel sheet below , i have to get the Cumulative value for Monthly Returns(net or gross). In order to get Cumulative value (Column H) for a "selected" EntityId 1,  for Date 28th Oct 2018,  i need the product of last 12 months of (Monthly Return +1) and -1 from it.

      Formula in Cumulative LTM = PRODUCT(Monthly Return+1) for last 12 months) -1

      I shall be having a dropdown to select the EntityId and Dates. Therefore, these are dynamically changing.