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    Qliksense Security - QMC Level

    Kelvin Ng

      Hello all,


      I am still very new to QlikSense so please bear with me. I have recently been asked to apply security level changes to our QlikSense users. Basically, we want to segregate each user by their own city. We currently have lots of apps and within each app there's global information on say sales or finance. What I want to do is to restrict access to certain users to only be able to view certain cities within those apps.


      For example: User 1 can only view information on Hong Kong, User 2 can only view information on USA. All the apps are still there after login, but all the apps are filtered to that specific city, and unable to view other cities.


      Is that possible?


      I have read multiple blogs and forums saying that section access helps filter specific data within apps, but is it possible to do it in the QMC? If so, how?


      Many Thanks,