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    details between sheets

    Zied Ahmed

      Hello ,

      I have a field named Project Name who contains somes projects and others field like code project etc...

      i want when i select the button to navigate to the other sheet (I use the extension sheet navigation)  find the informations about the first project ... when i select the second button i go to the next sheet and i find the informations about the second project :



      Thanks for help

      stalwar1 omarbensalem

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          wade taylor

          qlikview or qlik sense?

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            Shraddha Gajare

            With the button selection there is option of Action before navigation ..

            there you can choose select a value in a field.


            While selecting Project 1 button before navigation yo can set action to select that particular project and navigate to Sheet.

            Same is applicable for Project 2 that way you can try different Actions as per your requirement.


            for more details , Refer, https://github.com/stefanwalther/sense-navigation

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              omar bensalem

              Use the sheet and navigation extensions;

              create 2 bookmarks for the selection u want

              and for each button do:

              -go to sheet (with sheetID)

              -Activate bookmark (and select the bookmark)


              Here's an example I've shared in the past in the community : (a project u've done )


              I create buttons in each sheet (for navigation);

              each button will be used as a navigation button to open a new sheet + setting up an action (in your/my case, applying bookmarks):


              Here's a scenario:

              Create an Introduction sheet (which contains introductions, KPIs etc..) and buttons to each sheet :

              The button:

              Navigation behaviour: go to specific sheet

              action: apply bookmark (your bookmark would be the year you want to select)



              This way, when you open your dashboard, you'll first open your introduction page, then click on a button to go to another sheet:

              It will transfer you to the desired sheet and apply your bookmark (select the year)


              Example: I click on rapport: it will tranfer me to the report sheet and apply bookmark(see the filter pane)