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    Qlik Sense Desktop stuck on Initializing Add data

    Umesh Sharma

      Hi, I recently installed Qlik Sense Desktop (September 2018, version 12.36.1) on my local computer to try it out.

      But when I create a new app and try to add Data, it shows me options where I can upload a file or script editor, but it shows me a pop up saying "An error occurred" when I click on "Add data from files and other sources", and even when I drag the file into the Desktop. When I close the pop up, it keeps on loading and goes on forever. I can neither edit the data models of sample apps.


      I have gone through numerous community forums on this issue, but did not get a proper solution. I have the latest version of the tool installed and restarted my computer as well.


      Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or fix this?