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    Date Question

    Philipp Riewaldt

      Hi, Im very new to Qlik so excuse my prolly "stupid" Question.


      I have a huge Data Set including the Sales from all days during the past 8 years. Now when i do calculations between the sum of 2017 and for example 2018 it takes the entire Sales from 2017 and compares it with the Sales from Januar 2018 until today. I would like to have a function allowing me that for example when i click on 2018 in a Chart, it only Shows me the Sales values for the same time period of the previous years.


      Currently it Shows: Jan- Dez 2017 and competes that with Jan-Sept 2018.


      What i want is Jan - Sept 2017 gets compared with Jan-Sept 2018.


      Thank you in Advance!