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    RangeSum not working same way in QlikSense

    Catherine Ibegbu

      Hello, need help with range sum in qlik sense. I have a chart like below, the highlighted yellow is then used in the table below it.originalamort.PNG

      The second chart now gives an amortization view of the first, using EOM_MOS and YearMonth(201801, 201802...) like below. The first month use the value of the adjusted


      the above were done in qlik. Expression used in the second chart is :

      RangeSum(After(Sum(ADJ_ALLOC_TP)/EOM_MOS, 1, RowNo()))

      I tried doing this in Qlik Sense and no luck. Need help pls. Here is what i see in qlik sense:

      amort Qlik Sense.PNG

      and this is using the pivot table extension