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    Qlik desktop - security to access data

    patrice salem



      I have created a sales report using qlik desktop.

      This report is connected to a database located in the server network \patrice\ZSQ042.xls (full sales database)

      Different ZSQ042 files are available for all sales people (each file only contains each salesman data) :

      \salesman1\ZSQ042.xls   (sales for territory 1)

      \salesman2\ZSQ042.xls   (sales for territory 2)

      \salesman3\ZSQ042.xls   (sales for territory 3)

      Another file located in the server, areas.xls, "makes the link" between the windows session name of each salesman and the folder where their zsq042 file is located:


      windows session namenameZSQO42 file


      Up to now, the sales report was based on Excel, vba script and Power Query

      The vba script was able to retrieve the windows session name and match this name with what is indicated in the areas.xls file in order to download the relevant ZSQ042.xls file and run all necessary actions to run the dedicated sales report.


      Is there a way to change the datasource of my qlik report depending on the windows login of the person who launches the qlik report ?

      any idea would be welcome !