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    QlikSense get values for missing values of quarter of the same year in Pivot Table

    Akshay Deshpande



      I am fairly new to QlikSense. I have a pivot chart consisting of "Order ID" as Row, "Year" & "Quarter" As  Column, "Sales" as Measure.

      Pivot Screen Shot.png

      The requirement is to get the values for the quarter having no values or 0 values of the same year if any one quarter  is having value.

      For Example : In the above screen shot For Order ID = 100463807, Year= 2012 Q1 is having value 77700.24, I want to have same value for  the remaining Quarters of the same year For same Order ID.And Also if the value of measure is 0 or no value, then it should first check for the values is next quarters and then in previous Quarters.