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    Migrate Qlik Sense Server Jun-17 to Sep-18

    Martín Caruso

      Hello, good day!

      I need to perform an update of the QS Server. Currently, I develop my boards in the latest version of Qlik Sense Desktop (September 2018). At the time of posting the board in QS Server, I noticed that they did not display the map nor the style templates that I had developed. Inquiring into the configurations of the Server, I verified that the version thereof dates from June 2017. Is this the reason for this?

      In case you need to update the Server, I get the following queries:

      1. What impact will it have on the boards that I already have published?
      2. What steps does the Server update require?
      3. Are the Qlik Sense Server versions released at the same time as the Qlik Sense Desktop versions?


      I appreciate the help you can give me.

      Best regards,