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    Flag creation in front end help

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.


      Column1 is calculated like below

      =Round(Sum({<Type ={'Yes'}> }Amount),0.01)


      Column2 is calculated like below

      =Round(Sum({<Type ={'No'}> }Amount),0.01)


      From these tow columns need to create a flag as

      if Column1=Column2 then Match else Mismatch its created like below

      =if(fabs(Round(Sum({<Type ={'Yes'}> }Amount),0.01)) = fabs(Round(Sum({<Type ={'No'}> }Amount),0.01)),'Match','MisMatch')

      By this getting the result like below. its working fine




      Now I have to create two more reports by above table as one report need to show only Match flag and one report need to show only Mismatch flags then tried like below

      =if(fabs(Round(Sum({<Type ={'Yes'}> }Amount),0.01)) = fabs(Round(Sum({<Type ={'No'}> }Amount),0.01)),'Match')

      here mismatch row still visible with null how to avoid that row please help me on this.


      Also please could you help me how to write the expression to show only mismatch values in one report.

      Note: Cant create this flag in backend all fields comings from different tables .Need to solution in front end only

      Thanks in advance.