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    How to show value on the same row?

    Miguel R

      Hi Guys,


      Would be nice if you could help me out. How can I show value on the same row?


      I have two tables, Table 1 and Table 2 on the backend. On the front end I have a filter on "Level" (see underlying picture)


      On the front end I selected Level = A, and Type = Bad ----- This should show a ranking lower than A. So in this case, 2 which is equal to B.


      My current if statement is working for 'Good' but for 'Bad' I cant find the right solution. I'm getting ranking 2 and would like to show B.


      My current statement is the underlying, I tried playing with variables to get the B but it is not working.


      IF(Type='Good',[Level],IF(Type='Bad',Rank+1)) as Test


      Community Question.PNG


      Do you guys have any idea?


      Thanks in advance.