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    How to include 'ALL' as a section in the period selector box

    Shikha Kumari

      Hi  all,


      Requirement is to, Include option ‘All’ in the period selector. which allows the user to select all data, rather than limiting the data to a certain period.

      I have created a data island table for this and the script for data island table is like below:-




          period_type as %period_type,

          period_type_description as %period_type_description

      FROM [$(vQVDLib)v_periods.qvd](qvd)

      where period_type='fin_ytd' or

      period_type='fin_month' or etc;

      left join v_periods:




      FROM [$(vExternalDataLib)Frea_Periods.csv]

      (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq)

      Based on flag calculation like (if(fmonth_offset = 0,1,0) as [Current Month-flag],) it's picking the values for different selector.


      In my dashboard filter box is like:-

      select period

      current month


      financial year

      How can I include 'ALL' as another filter in this period selection box?? please suggest