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    Aggr() in filter pane

    Wong Dehou

      Hi all,


      I have used set analysis as a replacement for alternate states.


      I have '%GPA1' ,'%GPA2' filter panes, and 1 'Pillar' filter pane. I want to only allow available 'Pillar' filter selections according to the 2 GPA ranges chosen.


      'GPACONCAT' is in my parent table, and '%GPA'(1-2) are my 2 GPA range filter panes. The expression below is for my GPA filter pane. I have tried this expression below, but it only aggregates the 'Pillar' from the second GPA range.


      =Aggr(Only({$<GPACONCAT = P(%GPA1) , GPACONCAT=P(%GPA2)>} [Pillar]),[Pillar])



      What is the correct expression that aggregates both '$<GPACONCAT = P(%GPA1)' and 'GPACONCAT=P(%GPA2)>'?


      Note: I did not link the '%GPA' fields to the 'GPACONCAT' table, as the users would like to set 2 different ranges.


      Much help is appreciated. Thank you very much.