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    Subfield Calculation

    Rahul Patel



      I do have a requirement where I have to check if any of the subfield data is greater than 0, I have a column(Attribute1) where data is in the format 0/43/61. Here I have to check the if any of the available three values are greater than zero, if yes it is Success or Failed.


      Finally I have to do a count of all the success and failures depending on the data. Can someone help me with the logic.


      Can we achieve it using Sub field function?



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          Dilip Ranjith

          use something like below in your script



               ,1,0) as  SuccessCounter


          hope it helps

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            Ruan Greeff

            Dilip that will not work unfortunately, because if you add all the values they will be greater than 0 even if one of the fields was 0.


            Instead, I would recommend doing the below in the script and just do a sum on the front end to get the count of the number of success or failures.


            if(SubField(TextField,'/',1)>0,IF(SubField(TextField,'/',2)>0,IF(SubField(TextField,'/',3)>0,1,0) )) as SuccessFlag


            if(SubField(TextField,'/',1)=0,IF(SubField(TextField,'/',2)=0,IF(SubField(TextField,'/',3)=0,1,0) )) as FailureFlag


            On the front end you can just sum(Successflag) or Failureflag