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    rolling 12 months doesn't work

    Wanyun Yang

      I'm using:

      Sum({<Date={">=$(=ADDMONTHS(MAX(Date), -12))<=$(=MAX(Date))"},Year=,Month=,Quarter=>}Sales)

      to calculate rolling 12 months sales (rolling from the max date within a selected time range). For example, if I select 09/20/2018-09/24/2018, I want the expression sum up sales from 09/24/2017-09/24/2018.


      However, in current expression, if I select 09/20/2018-09/24/2018, it will show me sales for 09/20/2018-09/24/2018. I don't know how I can fix this expression... Please help!!

      Any advice helps! Thanks in advance!!