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    I have a question about calculation for percentage of the column total

    Jing Xin

      I am converting a dashboard from excel to Qlik. there is a calculation of field/column total in excel, I can't convert this to Qlik.

      I have 3 years of the data 2017,2017 and 2018. data will be compared by year. see code below. the percentage should base on one year only. when I do below, the demonitor is the 3 year total if 3 year all selected by user.

      what I need is no matter what is selected, the demonitor should always be the total for that one year only.


      can anyone show me how to resolved this issue?

      I used below um(DM_TotalWeight)/Sum({$<[DRG # &Desc],Cohort_Category,[DRGs for Exclusion (Trachs)],ServiceLine,MedSurg>} total DM_TotalWeight)