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    Greater than or less than a Variable in set analysis

    Janani Reddy



      I am trying to do a condition to achieve results greater than and less than a particular period (In the format YYYY-MM)


      count({<Sales_Month_Year ={">=$(=vMinSalesPeriod)<=$(=vMaxSalesPeriod)"}>} ID)

      This does not work for me. My data looks this way:







      and so on


      And the Variable are captured in the format same format. How ever this works for me

      count({<Sales_Month_Year = {"=$(vMinSalesPeriod)"}>}VIN)

      But the moment i put a greater sign in that statement it shows 0 records

      count({<Sales_Month_Year = {">=$(vMinSalesPeriod)"}>}VIN)

      Thanks in advance