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    .qvd file being partially loaded

    Daniel Rolao

      Hi all,


      I am recently new to Qlikview and Qliksense,


      I am working on a Qliksense Enterprise Version licence that is being loaded in the script by .qvd files with data from Opera DB.


      When I open the .qvd file that is loaded in Qliksense script qith Easy Qlik Qviwer, i have a warning saying the data is being partially loaded and on top mention that Easy Qlik Qviwer is a trial version.


      My quations is that if I am working on a valid Qliksense Enterprise Version licence, isn's suppose the .qdv files being loaded with full data from the Opera DB?


      Do I have to get a Easy Qlik Qviwer licence as well for the .qvd files be fully loaded from the DB?


      Can someone help me on these questions please?


      To me doesn't make much sense have a Qliksense Enterprise liccence running the the .qvd files being partially loaded, or maybe I am missing something.


      Thank you all in advance.